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MyHosting is a internet hosting service agency that offers been in the hosting game since 1997. The company claims that that has a customer foundation of approximately 50,000 individuals spread in regards to large 170 countries.

MyHosting offers a wide array of services including email hosting, domain names, VPS services and many paid and free promoting services too.

When it comes to web hosting, MyHosting offers three different plans so there’s every thing for just about everyone, including individuals and businesses. The first plan it provides is the Personal Website that may cost you around $9. 94 per month.

It comes with many features like unlimited hosting space, free email, free domain and others.

Another plan it gives is Business Hosting. This kind of is their most well-liked plan with a cost of $18. 69 monthly. The plan offers providers as a dedicated IP treat for SEO, more email accounts and many more features contain all the features protected in the Personal Website plan.

The 3 rd and the last plan MyHosting gives, for web hosting is eCommerce Hosting. This plan will cost you $37. 44 per month and the company claims it to be ideal for small and mid-size businesses.

The strategy includes services like equipment for small businesses, e-commerce Cart, SSL Key and more, including all the services featured in Business Hosting.

MyHosting claims to offer completely uptime for your internet site, which doesn’t necessarily imply that your web site won’t go down at all nevertheless it does mean that you’ll get free credit each and every time your web site is straight down.

They have two data centres, one out of New York and the other one Toronto. The data centres are condition of the art, with proper security including CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION cameras, card entry program along with superior network firewalls and monitoring personnel.

Right now there are several customer support options that MyHosting provides, 24/7. You can acquire support via phone, email as well as live chat without the extra costs. The online support portal for My Hosting is very wonderful and it’s huge. You may easily access your information, discuss your problem and report your issue almost all from one page.

MyHosting likewise supplies a 30-day money-back guarantee, should you elect to pay them the total annual costs of whichever plan you choose. The key factor to consider here is that the money-back guarantee does not come with the month to month payment plans.


* Great, affordable plans for small and midsized businesses.
* Been around since 1997.
* 100% Uptime Guarantee.
* 24/7 Customer Care Support.


* Datacenters are third-party, not company-owned.
* Some services can cost you extra money, for example, Plesk.


All in all, My Hosting offers simple yet efficient web hosting and advertising services. They’re generally concentrated towards the small or perhaps middle-size business that makes all of them really affordable too, offered their price plans and the number of solutions they may be offering at individuals prices.

Therefore , if you happen to be an individual site owner or a little business owner, MyHosting can prove to be a really very good choice to your future on the web endeavours.