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Scalability and flexibility- these two benefits are the center around which all the services of Cloudways are based upon. When looking for a cloud hosting service supplier specially for WordPress sites, Cloudways will really stand out from the other options accessible.

Founded in 2011 and revamped in 2016, Cloudways is for certain a service provider that has been given any beneficial consideration from the market in very little time. Seeing that it is a managed hosting platform, therefore it permits websites to go live in a matter of minutes and the cost of a few clicks only.

Cloudways has made server management seriously very simple and easy. The Cloudways custom control panel is very intuitive and modern. Server, applications, teams and projects, everything can be accessed through the menu of this control panel.

Each of these tabs further more has its own web pages which consist of efficiency and features accordingly.

Making alterations to a website and regretting them is not an option when using Cloudways. Its staging feature makes it possible for one to test and view the modifications prior to pushing them to the actual website.

In case you want your clients to see these changes too, plainly make usage of cloning and make copies of the site which can be shared via new servers so clients can review any alterations.

The server effectiveness and speed offered by Cloudways cloud hosting service is good. The use of several caching parts ensures that the website loads efficiently and accurately.

A variety of servers located in a number of parts around the world also expand the speed of the website.

24/7 customer support is readily available for all Cloudways clients. Contact the customer support team via a call, an email or browse through the blogs to look for the remedy to any crisis that you may be confronting.

CloudWaysBots also monitor services and push notifications as soon as any update is available or any problem is stumbled upon.

Cloudways offers a number of packages for its customers. The pricing on Cloudways is formulated on the “pay as you go” model. The prices and services included in these packages depend on which of the five partner’s services one opts for.

With the basic package priced at $10 per month to the most expensive one at $226.05 per month, the customers can opt for any package that suits their demands and requirements.


* 5 cloud hosting services available to choose from.
* Server speed is commendable.
* Intuitive and easy to use control panel.
* 24/7 customer support.
* SSL Certificates are free.
* Staging and cloning for easily making changes to websites.


* Lack of email hosting.
* File manager not included.
* Domain name registration facility unavailable.
* Expensive as compared to other service providers.


If speed and convenience of use is your priority in terms of cloud hosting, there is no better service provider for you other than Cloudways. With outstanding server speed, simple yet effective control panel and a simplified approach towards web hosting, it is an investment that is worth the high valued price tag.